Electronic Waivers


Electronic Waivers

SpringboardVR now offers an electronic waiver system. With it, your customers can sign your waiver at home and speed up the onboarding process when they arrive, saving you time and effort.


Go to Admin / Locations in the menu and select your location. Under Waiver settings you can toggle whether or not to use electronic waivers for the entire location. 

Waiver page URLs

There are two pages your customers will use to sign their waivers. The host of the party has a management page at https://customer.springboardvr.com/manage-waivers/<unique_host_id>, while guests can sign their waivers at https://customer.springboardvr.com/sign-waiver/<unique_guest_id>. These URLs will always work, but you may want to present URLs with your own domain name. To accomplish this, you can fill the Manage waivers URL for host and Sign waiver URL for guests fields respectively. On your system, you get the unique ID we append to the URL and use it to show our pages in an iframe.

For example:

Manage waivers URL for host https://manage-waivers.yourarcade.com
What we call https://manage-waivers.yourarcade.com/<host_id>
Iframe URL https://customer.springboardvr.com/manage-waivers/<host_id>

Enter your URL without a trailing forward slash. We will append this for you.

Sign waiver URL for guests https://www.yourarcade.com/sign-waiver?id=
What we call https://www.yourarcade.com/sign-waiver?id=<guest_id>
Iframe URL https://customer.springboardvr.com/sign-waiver/<guest_id>

Notice that if the host or guest ID is part of the query string, we will not add a forward slash.

You can use the code below to embed the Waivers into the website that we call, if you're unsure how to use this code we recommend getting in touch with your website designer so they can implement it for you.

<style type="text/css">
#waiver-iframe { position: fixed; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; }
<iframe id="waiver-iframe"></iframe>
<script type="text/javascript">
window.onload = function() {
const matches = location.href.match(/[a-z0-9]{8}-[a-z0-9]{4}-[a-z0-9]{4}-[a-z0-9]{4}-[a-z0-9]{12}$/i);
if (matches.length == 1) {
document.getElementById('waiver-iframe').src = 'https://customer.springboardvr.com/manage-waivers/' + matches[0];


Waiver content

To edit waiver content, select your location in the left menu then go to Waiver. When first turning on waivers, a default entry is created that applies to All Languages. The entry is empty by default and as long as you don't add text, your customers will not be asked to sign waivers.

When a customer opens the page to sign a waiver, their browser language determines which version of the waiver will be shown, if their language does not have a specific waiver created in your Operator Panel it will show them the "All Languages" entry so you should make sure this one is in the language that the majority of your customers will view.

If you want to use the contact information a customer provides for marketing purposes, you can check the Ask for marketing consent box.

How it works

Waiver management by the host

When hosts create a booking, they'll be shown their management URL on the confirmation page and receive it in their confirmation email. It's the host's responsibility to get everyone to sign their waiver. On this management page, they'll see the URL with which a waiver can be signed. They can share this URL with the other guests.

Not all guests will always sign the waiver up front. Think of a birthday party, a surprise package arranged by an event manager or guests that don't own a computer or a phone. To accommodate this, the host can enter the number of surprised guests (which may be used for other circumstances). If the number of signed waivers plus the number of surprised guests equals the group size, reminders to the host will stop.

Signing waivers by the guests

Guests will first be asked to enter their email address. If they've visited your arcade before and signed the most recent waiver, it will be reused and added to the current booking as well.

If they're new to your arcade or location, they'll be presented your waiver. They'll be asked to enter their first and last name and check the box to approve. Should you have specified that you'd like to use the customer's data for marketing purposes, they'll be asked for consent. Customers are never required to, however.

Signing the remaining waivers on arrival

When your customers arrive, you can see in the monitor whether all waivers were signed or not. In the details, you'll find a button that will take you to your own management page, which opens the sign waiver form in a new tab. This will let your customers sign their waivers on your computer.

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