What are Content Bundles?



How Content Bundles work? 


Content Bundles work by creating group (-s) of games that are sold together as a monthly license that has a discount percentage applied for a specific period of time. 


Operators can benefit from adding Content Bundles to reduce overall monthly content licensing fees. 


Who can create Content Bundles?

Bundles are created by the Content Creator by selecting which of their offered titles can be bundled together for a discounted rate. 


SpringboardVR can create mixed Content Creator bundles with approval from the Content Creator.


Operator guide: Adding a Content Bundle

When an Operator decides to buy the bundle, they have to agree to the individual title's End User License Agreement (-s) (EULA).


Once Operator has agreed to EULA (-s) the quantity can be set and licenses for each title will be added until a minimum quantity is reached for each title.


If licenses for any title are removed and fall below the quantity of the bundle, the quantity will be automatically adjusted.


Removing all licenses for one of the titles, will remove the bundle subscription completely.


When buying multiple Content Bundles with the same title in it, the one that has the most discount will be applied when generating the monthly invoice.


To cancel a bundle (to remove license) Operator has to go to My Library - Content - Select Title - Edit - Change license count until it shows 0 (zero) and click Save.



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