Week of April 3rd, 2023



Station Monitor


  • Added a function Minimal Booking Window: Operators can now set that bookings cannot be done with less than Xcertain time before the start of the session. 
  • Added a feature that allows Temporary Station Closure. Operators can now now make Station not available for short period of time due to maintenance or other reasons. 
  • In the monitor, operators now are able to edit properties of multiple stations at once (age limit, language, operator tags, maintenance mode).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed incorrect display in the Operator Panel => Admin had a section that was ¨Organization Settings¨ and it was renamed to ¨Organization Details¨ to correctly reflect settings intention.
  • Fixed an issue for cursor not appearing when hovering over Experiences in the Reservation window for SpringboardVR Booking Widget. 
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