Migrating from Haze to Arena Launcher


If you were previously using the Haze application and are now migrating to the Arena application, there are some additional steps that you'll need to follow to make sure that all of your data gets copied over correctly.

Firstly, you'll want to start off by downloading the new Arena installers for both the main and client applications. You can find them linked in this article. It doesn't matter the order in which you update (main or client application first), but you'll have to manually download the Arena installer for the Client's at least once, then updates will be handled automatically by the main application just like they used to be with Haze.

Main Application

After running the Arena main application installer, the application should start up and a modal prevents any further interaction with the app. This is the migration modal and will not go away until the migration has occurred. Simply press the button that is presented and accept the UAC Windows prompt when it appears. The application will restart and you should be able to continue on as you did previously in Haze but now using the Arena applications. If you ran into any complications check the troubleshooting steps below.

The migration modal that's displayed in the Main application

Client Application

After running the Arena client application installer, the application should start up and a new popup window will appear. This window describes that a migration process is required and that you can press the button to continue with that process (a UAC prompt will be displayed and needs to be accepted). The new Client will not be able to be configured in the Main application until after the migration process has been handled. If you encounter any problems along the way, check the troubleshooting steps below. If nothing has gone wrong, then you can carry on with the post installation steps!

The popup window displayed on the Client machine when a migration needs to occur

The modal displayed in the Main application when a Client needs to migrate

Post Installation

After installing Arena (both Client and Main), the old Haze installation will still exist on the machine. This is for backwards compatibility in case there are any issues with the Arena install then Haze could still be used as a back up. However, Haze will no longer be receiving updates as that release channel has been deprecated now. Therefore it is recommended to uninstall Haze at the earliest convenience to not run into any confusion about which app should be used.

So uninstalling Haze is the only step required after installing Arena, as the migration process takes into account removing anything that was on the PC concerning Haze except for actually removing the application itself.


What are the steps that are taken to migrate?

Firstly, it runs to check if there is any handler for the `haze://` protocol (this is used to open the application from within the operator panel). This handler will now point to the Arena binary.

Next it grants firewall access for the new Arena application paths.

Afterwards it tries to move the old Haze data located in 'AppData/LocalLow/Vertigo Arcades/Vertigo Launcher' to the new roaming application directory at 'AppData/Roaming/SpringboardVRArena (or SpringboardVRArenaClient)'.

Thereafter it copies the old Haze config from the install location to the new roaming application directory.

Lastly, it attempts to remove the old Haze automatic start up on login functionality.

All files that were previously used by the Haze application would have been owned by the system administrator account whereas now they will be owned by the Windows user account that is currently logged in.

The migration process ran, but when the app restarted it still says I need to migrate!

There may very well be some sort of issue with the SpringboardVRArena.Elevator process which executes the actual migration steps. You can send the output_elevator.txt file that is found in 'AppData/Roaming/SpringboardVRArena (or SpringboardVRArenaClient)' to support in order to find out where the true issue lies.

Migration was successful, but it says that I need to move the content location to a new destination.

Since the old Haze installation ran as administrator, all of the files/directories that it used were owned by the system administrator account which makes everything inaccessible for the new Arena application (since it runs as just the logged in user). To fix this, the content location will have to moved and it's owner changed. In the Main application, you can do this in the settings (three dots in the top right corner) and for the Client there is a context menu option to move the content folder. NOTE: Even if you don't want to move the location, you'll still have to go through these steps. Just select the same folder instead of a new one.


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