How to Upload Steam Keys


Here are a few tips to help your upload be successful!

How To Upload Keys

  1. To upload Steam Keys, go to the "Content" page then select the title you need to upload keys for and navigate to the Steam Connect tab.
  2. Make sure you are uploading the .txt file that Steam provides you when exporting keys. There should be only 1 key per line in this file. If you need to retrieve keys from Steamworks follow this link to do so.
  3. If you are ready to allow arcades to access your content through our Commercial Licensing Marketplace, begin uploading a minimum of 100 keys for arcades to activate.
    • We require 5 keys for internal testing.
  4. Make sure to check the “Allow Arcades To Download For Free” box.
    • Allowing arcades to access your keys for free means you get the per minute pricing that you assign from your Content Creator Page.
    • If you do not check off this box it means arcades will have to purchase the content on Steam AND pay the commercial licensing price. Arcades will be more likely to try your content if they don't have to purchase it on Steam as well as pay the Commercial Licensing fees.
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