Can I have a mixture of SpringboardVR licenses and other licenses?


*This article is applicable to both operators of VR Arcades and operators of VR labs & maker spaces at educational institutions.*

With SpringboardVR you can have a mixture of commercial licenses across the entire platform. This means you can choose to use SpringboardVR Commercial Licenses for some titles and for other titles get commercial licenses from SteamVR or other sources.

However, you cannot have a mixture of licenses on a per title basis.


Example For Yes:

You can commercially license Beat Saber through SpringboardVR and use a Steam commercial license for Job Simulator. Licensing different titles from different sources is allowed on the platform.

You can also have a mixture of different types of licenses for titles through the SpringboardVR Marketplace. For example you could have 3 monthly licenses and 2 yearly licenses for Beat Saber.


Example For No:

You cannot have three commercial licenses for Arizona Sunshine through SpringboardVR and two directly from Steam. Once you activate a license with SpringboardVR it begins tracking the minutes played for that title across all your stations and cannot differentiate between the keys you received from the SpringboardVR Marketplace and the keys you got directly from Steam.


You can choose to license Arizona Sunshine through SpringboardVR's Commercial Licensing program, but if you do, you must license it across all your stations that run the title. You cannot only pay for licenses on the stations you got keys for from SpringboardVR.


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