How do I setup Kiss or Kill: Trivia Royale?

Kiss or Kill: Trivia Royale is designed specifically for VR arcades. Each arcade must be whitelisted which enables local play (so groups can play against each other), connects you to our nearest server, and will soon localize questions to your region. 
  1. Overview and instructions can be found here.
  2. The Setup form can be found here
To be whitelisted, you simply enter a code on first load of Kiss or Kill (in VR or with keyboard in 2D) on all computers. You need one code per location (as many headsets as want). Once whitelisted, arcade mode is activated. 
NOTE: On first load of Kiss or Kill you will be prompted for the code. If you cancel out of that screen, you can always return to it by clicking the gear icon which is in the upper right corner in 2D interface (monitor, not VR). 
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