Content Activation Guide


To activate SpringboardVR Commercial Licenses you will have to be out of the trial period. To end your trial you must enter in your billing information, then select "Upgrade" on your Billing Details page.


  1. To start using the SpringboardVR Commercial Licensing system click on "Content" then select  “Marketplace”.
  2. Here you can see the list of content that is currently available on the platform and their licensing cost. Select the title you wish to license through SpringboardVR.
    • When you click into a title in our Marketplace details about the content can be seen, such as experience type, age rating, difficulty level, number of players and more. 
  3. Click on "Activate License".
  4. There will be a pop-up screen with the End User License Agreement for the title. Read through the EULA and if you agree to the terms set by the Content Creator, click "Accept".
    • You must accept the EULA for the title to be added to your Library. If you Decline the EULA the title will not be added to your Library and you will not have access to the content. 
  5. Once you accept the EULA you will be re-directed to the "My Library" page where you will see the new title at the top of your content list. 
  6. Click "Edit" on the title you added. There are different tabs at the top of the page where you can access and edit information for the title. 
    • Station Management: This page allows you to download the title to your stations or request Steam keys.
    • Content Details: From here you can edit the general information for the title.
    • Launch Settings: Customize how our desktop software will launch the content by either specifying a Universal Resource Indicator or a file path.
    • Controller Instructions: In this section you can edit the controller instructions that appear in the overlay in the Launcher. 
      • NOTE: These instructions will only appear in the launcher if the station is using a Vive headset. Windows MR and Oculus support coming soon.
  7. From the Station Management tab you can begin enabling content to your stations.
    • There are a few different installation options for content from the SpringboardVR Marketplace.
      • SpringboardVR one-click titles
      • Steam Key titles
      • Purchase on Steam titles
    • You will see toggles for each of your stations as well as your locations and experiences. You can choose to toggle on specific stations to enable the title or use the experience or location toggles to enable it for all the stations under those options. 
  8. If you have existing licensing agreements you will likely want to wait until those licenses expire before starting a SpringboardVR license. Clicking "Activate License" adds the title to My Library and automatically activates a license for all stations in your account. You will be billed for tracked time across all stations once there is an active license. Our system has no way of identifying if you have an existing license through another platform for some or all stations.
  9. If you need to deactivate a license, go to "My Library" select the title, and click "Delete Content" in the top right-hand corner of the page. This will deactivate the license for your title, disable it from the launcher, and begin uninstalling it from your computers if it's a SpringboardVR one-click title.


For SpringboardVR One-Click Titles:

If a title is on our one-click system the process for getting the content is quick and easy! 

  1. Toggle on the stations you want to install the title on.
  2. When you enable content on your stations, it will automatically download and install on your computers after you save the page. Once the download is complete the content will be available in the Launcher.
  3. Make sure to click "Save" at the bottom of the page to begin the installation of the title to your stations. Once the download is complete the copy under the toggle will read UNINSTALL. 


For Steam Key Titles:

If a title has not yet uploaded to our one-click system you will need to request a Steam Key, take the keys and redeem them on all your Steam accounts, and download the title to the computer. 

  1. Click on the text "Request Steam Key" below the stations you want a key for.
    • NOTE: When requesting Steam keys from SpringboardVR, you are agreeing to the per minute license starting immediately for all the stations in your organization. You cannot delay billing after you request keys.
  2. Once you click request the Steam key will appear below the toggle for the station you requested it for.
    • If no Steam Keys are available it will show a pending status. This means we are waiting on the Content Creator to upload more keys. They will be notified and once keys have been uploaded you will receive an email with the keys assigned to your stations.
  3. When you receive your Steam keys you can claim them by going to your Steam account, selecting “+ Add A Game" in the bottom left corner of the screen, then choose "Activate a product on Steam” and follow the instructions to redeem the key.
  4. After redeeming the key in Steam you will need to download the content to your computer.
    • Note: You will need to activate a key and download the content on each station.
  5. You will also need to launch the title through Steam for the first time to accept any EULAs. EULAs may periodically update, if a title does not launch through the SpringboardVR Launcher and it is a Steam Install we recommend trying to launch it through Steam to see if there is a EULA that needs accepting or an update
  6. Once the title has been downloaded you will be able to start it from your Launcher if it has been enabled on the station.


For Purchase on Steam Titles:

There are a few Content Creators who require you to purchase their title on Steam as well as pay the commercial licensing cost. These titles will have a button on their page saying "Purchase on Steam".

  1. You will need to go to the Steam Store and purchase the title for each of the stations you want to offer it on. 
  2. After you have purchased the title and downloaded it to your computer, make sure it is added to "My Library" then go to the content page and toggle on the stations you have the title on. 
    • Turning on the toggle allows the content to be viewable from the Launcher.
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