Week of June 18th, 2018


Desktop Client


  • Launcher billboards are brighter and more noticeable.
  • Remotely starting the Launcher or any content via the Station Monitor restarts the title if it is running.
  • Idle Mode starts after the timeout, even with SteamVR is shut down.
    • While the Video Reel is playing you can still access your station by pressing the Windows key or using Alt-Tab on the keyboard.
    • Video Reel can be closed by doing a right-click in its window.
  • Startup notification message lists the currently installed version.
    • Installed version is still listed when right-clicking the tray icon.

Bug Fixes

  • Launcher shuts down way faster.
  • Improved speed of returning to Launcher from a title.
  • Controllers sometimes not appearing in the Launcher happens less often on affected stations.
  • UI panels in the Launcher sometimes rotating with the headset or moving in other strange ways for a few affected stations is resolved.
  • SteamVR shutting down is now recognized in all cases.
  • Timing issue that resulted in specific titles not getting recognized as shutting down is resolved.
  • Improved experimental Oculus Touch controller button override.
  • Launcher CPU usage improved slightly.
  • Idle checks are less sensitive to very small headset movements.
  • Dashboard close functionality is more reliable and supports all SteamVR VR devices.
  • Checks for installed titles are no longer run multiple times on SteamVR startup.
  • Video Reel window has a proper name in the Windows taskbar.


Client Reservation

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the localization of the Birthday field.


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