Week of July 2nd, 2018


Desktop Client

Bug Fixes

  • Controllers will no longer get stuck on the ground or disappear when transitioning back to the launcher while the dashboard is visible or the system button is pressed repeatedly during the loading process.
  • Fixed an issue with content not starting up.
  • Fixed being stuck in the launcher when content fail to load.
  • Worked around an issue that was visible by SteamVR (sometimes incorrectly) reporting compositor issues.
  • Fixed the station audio changing despite not yet playing the video reel.
  • Reduced the likelihood of an issue where the UI would not display when returning to the launcher on some stations.
    • We are continuing to work on this to fully solve the issue.
    • As a workaround the user can bring up the dashboard by pressing the system button and choosing to switch titles again when this happens.
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