Week of July 23rd, 2018


Desktop Client


  • Safety Mode to fall back to in case of connectivity issues to our servers. You can read more about Safety Mode here.
  • Increased the size of the UI in both the Launcher and VR dashboard.
  • The laser pointer in the Launcher is now white when pointing at nothing or unusable UI and green when pointing at usable UI.
  • Added a new notification UI in both the Launcher and VR dashboard notifying the user in VR about time being added, the booking being paused/resumed and more.
  • A new error UI is shown inside the Launcher and the VR dashboard explaining the issue instead of showing nothing. Currently this only shows when the station is unable to retrieve data and doesn't have any data from a previous run.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed trying to update multiple times in case the update process fails. The Desktop Client tries again the next time it's started and the station is idle.
  • Fixed the video reel for Idle Mode continuing to play when it's turned off in the station settings while currently playing.


Operator Panel

Bug Fix

  • Fixed a bug where the coupon code dates were resetting back to the current day rather than saving the time frame selected.
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