What do I do if a title is not showing up or launching in the Launcher?


*This article is applicable to both operators of VR Arcades and operators of VR labs & maker spaces at educational institutions.*

Title Not Appearing On Stations

  1. If you notice a title is not appearing in the Launcher, it might not be correctly assigned to that stations content list. There are two different ways you can assign content to a station.
  2. Another reason a title might not show up in the Launcher is if it's not installed on the computer. Make sure the title is completely downloaded from Steam or our one-click title system and is located on your computer. 
  3. Also make sure you check that the title is enabled on the station. If the toggle is turned off for the station on the content details page, turn the toggle on. 
  4. If one of SpringboardVR's one-click titles is not appearing, make sure you have accepted the EULAs for the title in the Operator Panel.


Steam Content Visible But Not Launching

  1. If Steam key content is visible from the headset but not launching correctly, verify that the content is installed on that station and make sure the title launches properly from Steam. 
  2. You may also need to check that there are no new EULAs that need to be accepted in Steam.
  3. Additionally, check that Steam is not currently trying to update the title.


No Content in Launcher

If no content is appearing in the headset, you might have an installation or caching issue. Refer to this Knowledge Base article about how to Clear Your Desktop Client Cache.

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