SpringboardVR Payout Process


The payout process for our Content Creators is super simple! When it comes time for you to receive payment for your content, the following will happen.


Payout Process:

  1. You will receive an email from SpringboardVR with your month statement and a notification that payment will be sent to you via Veem.
  2. If this is your first statement and payment notification from SpringboardVR you will need to setup your billing details by following any instructions in the emails from Veem.
  3. Once your account information is setup in Veem your payments will be automated.


There is a minimum payout threshold for our Content Creators.*

  • Payments to US companies have to reach the $25 USD minimum payout threshold.
  • Payments to International companies have to reach $50 USD minimum payout threshold.


*If the payout does not meet the minimum requirement it will be held over until the next payment that reaches the threshold.

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