How do I view the Stats for my Content?


With the addition of monthly and yearly licensing options "Estimated Revenue" is no longer a data point on the stats table. We cannot calculate how many monthly or yearly licenses will be purchased or renewed each month, so we are unable to provide an accurate estimate on the revenue your title may bring in from all licensing options.


  1. To view the Stats for your content, log into your SpringboardVR account and navigate to the "Stats" page.
  2. Select the title you wish to view from the dropdown list in the upper left corner of the page and choose the timeframe. You can sort by a specific month or year you would like to see.
  3. You can see a breakdown of how your title is being licensed and download a .csv file to view more specific information about the organizations using your content.
  4. You’ll also receive a monthly email with information on the VR operators using your title and your total minutes.


The Stats you can view:

  • Month Revenue*
  • Total Minutes
  • Number of Organizations
  • Number of Stations
  • Average Session Time (in minutes)

*This is an estimation and does not include any service fees or uncollected payments.Content_Creators_Stats_Page.png

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