Week of October 15th, 2018


Desktop Client



  • A new environment has been added! We call it "Wasteland". For customers who have been with us longer you may remember this environment from before 3.0.
    • NOTE: All environments share the current UI.
    • You can switch Launcher environments via the Experience settings in the Operator Panel.
  • Both environments now play ambient music and ambient sounds. Make sure to check out the spaceships in the "Rooftop" environment flying by with their 3D sounds.
  • The UI in VR now comes with sounds! Clicking on various elements gives different audio feedback to your customers.
  • The Windows Mixed Reality support has been improved to enable the operating system's new screensaver mode. This mode allows your device to turn off the headset's screen without Windows stopping the running VR apps like SteamVR. As always, you can enable our WMR support via the tray icon on each station and acknowledge via Windows' confirmation dialog.
    • NOTE: Microsoft has stopped distributing the Windows update that enabled the new screensaver feature after initial issues with the update. As soon as it is available to be installed on your stations you can re-enable the WMR support via the tray icon to get the latest feature enabled by this Windows update.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a rare issue where the VR camera would rotate with the player's head causing disorientation.
  • Launching a content now clears the filters when returning to the Launcher.
  • Better handling of content launching in Theme Park Mode.
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