How do I add Space Junkies Arcade to my stations?




  • Jonathan DiMarcangelo

    I downloaded Uplay but I don't see Space Junkies to be able to download it. Is it not available yet? 

  • Andrew Lyttle

    Same here. After downloading Uplay, creating an account, I tried searching for the game but nothing came up. 

  • Keith Johnston

    I too am not seeing it as an available option. I am curious if there is an account that we would have to get creds for? If so, we would be interested in this please and thanks! 

  • Julien Billoudet

    How do we get the "credentials provided"?

  • Keith Johnston

    I have figured it out. You request keys like normal. what will pop up instead of a key is an email address and a pw. use those creds to get the account started. i was finally able to get the games installed and up and running. Must say...i like them both frorm the 20mins of each i have played. 

  • Ken Forbes

    I still can not get it to download... can someone help. I used the info I got from springboard to log in but where do u go to download the titles ? This has to b the dumbest process ever... thinking about just forgetting about it. Why couldn’t they ljust give us a activation key code for ubsoft to download it.

  • Keith Johnston


    I am taking it you have the Uplay softare installed on the PC you want to install the game on. If not, this is 1st step. Once installed, log in with the creds that you get when you request a key from SB. Once you have logged into the Uplay software, you should be able to go to games and see the Eagle Flight and Space Junkies on there and just walk through the install process. Once you have in it installed, it will show under installed games. i agree, it took me a min as well to get this. But once you do it the 1st time, it is cake walk from there. 

  • Keith Johnston

    So quick question on this game. Has anyone ever been able to catch anyone else in the lobby for multiplayer? Seems like i have been in there at least 8 times in the last week and only once was i able to actually get a multiplayer situation going. Always an empty lobby when i log in. Games seems great of what i have gotten to play. Would think it would be more popular.


  • Andrew Lyttle

    Same here. The only time we have done multiplayer in this is when multiple people are in the arcade doing it.

  • Richard M Stephens

    Why would we want to install uplay on all our stations. They need to remove that or it will never be used at my arcade. If you have any game that used uplay you know why. More accounts more problem more things you have to login to each station..not worth the trouble at all.

  • Richard Teigen

    Does anyone have issues with the sound? Ive installed it in several computers, and none have sound. I have sound on everything else, so I presume its the game. All settings from the menu in the game is on also, so Im kind of puzzled about this one… Any ideas?


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