Entertainment vs. Education


Distribution Channels

Currently we are distributing content in two main channels, Entertainment and Education.

You have a choice to distribute to one or both channels. We recommend you opt to distribute to both channels for more licensing opportunities. Entertainment content is oftentimes used at EDU locations and vice versa (e.g., Beat Saber is being used on college campuses, and Number Hunt is being used in VR Arcades).




  • The out-of-home entertainment industry, also known as the “Location Based Entertainment” industry or “LBE” is a broad category that includes everything from small arcades, movie theaters, bowling alleys, to massive amusement parks.
  • A growing number of the LBE operators are offering VR.
  • We’ve seen some wildly inflated numbers by industry analysts, but we have names and contact info for 1800 locations that offer some form of VR.
  • Of this 1800, approximately 1200 are indie VR arcades while the remaining 600 are Family Entertainment Centers, escape rooms, LAN gaming lounges, etc.

Preferred Pricing Option: All of Them!

  • Although a large percent of operators in the out-of-home space prefer Per Minute Pricing as it allows them to offer a range of titles and to pay for actual usage, the majority of them need both per-minute and flat monthly licensing as their decision making depends on the popularity of each specific title. By setting a flat monthly price you are also giving them the option to opt into floating licensing. The more options/flexibility you give to operators, the wider adoption of your content you can expect to see!




  • A variety of Educational institutions are adopting VR and using SpringboardVR to access content. These include everything from universities, junior colleges, K-12 schools, museums and libraries.
  • One thing that is important to note is that TODAY, many of these EDU organizations are not looking for deep curriculum integration or ONLY “educational” titles. EDU orgs are putting in a few headsets, or small labs and are looking to expose their faculty and students to this new technology. Oftentimes they are as interested in licensing traditional entertainment titles like Beat Saber as they are in licensing more subject specific titles.

Preferred Licensing and Pricing Option:

  • Due to organizational rules and restrictions, EDU institutions find it difficult to use per minute pricing and most require monthly or annual licensing and pricing options.
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