What does getting a new title on your platform look like?


There are three main steps to getting your content live on the SpringboardVR platform.

  1. Vetting. Our content team vets every title based on two main considerations:
    • Does it meet our Content Guidelines?
      • We have developed a Content Guidelines model to help guide the best content that VR has to offer to our audience. The Content Guidelines can be found here.
    • Does it pass our internal scoring process?
      • We’ve developed an (internal only) multiple question weighted scorecard based on everything we’ve learned from talking to operators and content creators as well as looking at millions of minutes of playtime.
  2. Onboarding. Onboarding is a simple process that involves the following:
    • Initial setup.
      • The initial set up will look a lot like onboarding into any other platform. We do not require SDK integration. As of April 2019, we will no longer require Steam Keys for distribution. 
    • Tax form approval (if necessary).
      • The process of uploading your tax information is made easy through our backend. As you’re going through the onboarding process, you’ll be asked to upload your tax form. Simply upload the signed and dated document to our system and wait. It will take 5 days to process, however you may complete the onboarding process and once your tax form is approved your titles will hit the marketplace!
  3. Uploading Content.
    • After talking to hundreds of Content Creators we heard one major request. To keep things simple. Because of that, we do not require SDK integration, and are continuing to make the porting process as easy as possible.
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