What value does SpringboardVR give to justify your service fee?


We’ve built a platform designed from the ground up for Content Creators that includes a dedicated dashboard, anti-piracy measures, best in class data, and multiple pricing and licensing options. We also offer the largest LBE distribution network in the world. Additionally other services that we provide as part of our service fee that may not immediately be apparent include the following.

  1. Hosting content - storage and managing uploads and downloads.
  2. Tracking minutes and providing data to developer.
  3. Continuous platform improvement which requires a full internal development team.
  4. Fully staffed tech support, content team and marketing team to support Content Creators.
  5. Preparing and invoicing operators for commercial license fees.
  6. Follow-up and collection efforts with operators.
  7. Calculation of non-resident withholding tax (if applicable).
  8. Remittance of non-resident withholding tax (if applicable).
  9. Billing and accounting time for transactions.
  10. Issuance of monthly statement to Content Creators.
  11. Initiation and remittance of funds to Content Creators.
  12. Year-end compliance for withholding tax (if applicable).
  13. Developing relationships and marketing content to operators.
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