Technical Details for Uploading Content


We don't require any SDK integration or custom development to distribute a title on our platform, but depending on your current usage of platform-specific functionality in your titles you may have to adapt your title for our platform.

The same build that you are distributing through other platforms like Steam or Viveport will work for uploading to SpringboardVR. The only thing we’ll need you to do is to disable functionality specific to Steam, Viveport or other platforms. The emphasis is on disabling the functionality as we do not enforce any sort of policy that forces you to completely remove other platforms' integration binaries, e.g. Steamworks' .dll.


As all titles are different we'll go through the list of the most used platform-specific features and explain how to adapt for SpringboardVR's distribution system. Most calls to other platform integrations can be disabled by a simple check, but others are strictly necessary for your title. For those features we list recommended alternative solutions.

We are working on an SDK that will include many features requested by Content Creators and Operators, including multiplayer support.

To be clear, we don't require any SDK integration today to offer your title on the platform, but will be working on one in the future.


Platform-specific Feature Recommendations

  • Cloud saves: Only save locally.
  • Statistics, achievements, leaderboards: Only save locally or create your own profile system (using a third party service) to bind the data to.
  • Multiplayer features.
    • The current user's nickname.
      • Use the current Windows username and the profile support of the networking service you use (see the next point).
    • Friends lists, invitations, voice chat.
      • Use a third-party service that is platform-agnostic. Some examples are:
  • Data transmission, rooms/lobbies/sessions
  • Solutions specific to the game engine used:
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