Why should I use your content distribution system?


We have spent countless hours speaking to our Operators about the tedious process of Commercial Licensing and the struggles that come along with it. We believe we have built a system that will alleviate a large number of the pain points people experience on daily basis.

Here are some of the pros to the SpringboardVR distribution system and why we think it is such an important addition to our platform. 


EULA Acceptance

No one likes having their play time interrupted by a random EULA update that has to be accepted. We built our system to have advanced notice with EULAs and Updates. You will be given plenty of advanced notice through email and dashboard notifications to ensure gameplay is not interrupted.


Steam Keys

Everyone knows how much time is wasted by copy and pasting Steam keys into accounts and downloading the title for every single piece of content on every station. Our new distribution system eliminates the need for Steam keys by offering one-click titles that can be downloaded directly to your computers. Titles that are on our one-click system upload directly to our servers. From there when it is time for you to license a title you simply need to click a button and the content will begin downloading onto the computer. No need for redeeming a key on every station!


Deploying Content to Stations

Adding content to your stations can be a hassle. We have revamped the way assigning content to stations works so it can be done in a more streamlined fashion. You can now install one-click titles on all your stations at once for your location and experience types.


Educational Content

We truly believe VR has the potential to change the world and we want to be a part of that change. Offering Educational content for commercial licensing can help you fill the gaps during slow business periods by offering services to your local schools and organizations. 


Licensing Options

PPM, Monthly, and Yearly, pricing can be set by Content Creators to give you better options when choosing how you want to license content for your location. 

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