What future licensing pricing options can I expect?


There are many big updates coming for SpringboardVR but one the most heavily anticipated changes is content licensing pricing options.

In following releases we will be offering content licensing for monthly, annual, and regional pricing on a per country basis. These will be set by the Content Creators who may choose to offer any or all types of pricing. There is no guarantee that all Content Creators will choose to offer their titles for all pricing options.

Monthly and annual licenses will be "floating". This means that if you purchase three monthly licenses, any three stations can run that title at one time. In the event that three stations are actively using the title and a fourth station launches it, the fourth station automatically rolls over to a “per minute” license and those minutes are tracked and billed according to whatever the price-per-minute is. This is a benefit that is not offered by other licensing solutions like Steam Site Licensing.

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