Do I have to switch or can I continue to side-load content from Steam?


*This article is applicable to both operators of VR Arcades and operators of VR labs & maker spaces at educational institutions.*

You will have to switch to SpringboardVR one-click titles for content you currently license through the SpringboardVR Marketplace, but it's not an immediate requirement. We know operators are busy and the process of uninstalling and reinstalling content can take a while so you will be given time to transition your titles.


If you have a license through Steam you want to continue using, you can do so. You can also use content which you have commercial licenses for from other sources in your SpringboardVR Library by using the "Add Content Manually" button in the "My Library" page.


It is important to remember that you cannot mix and match licenses on a per title basis. If you use a license for a title from another source, such as Steam, you cannot buy additional licenses through SpringboardVR for the same title. We track the time a title is played across all stations when a license is active for it and cannot differentiate between a SpringboardVR license and one you may have purchased through Steam. 

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