Why am I being asked to accept EULAs for SpringboardVR's content distribution release?


You may notice that with the release of the SpringboardVR content distribution system there are End User License Agreements that need to be accepted for titles in your Library. While not all of our Content Creators have uploaded their titles to our system yet, many of them have uploaded EULAs for their titles on SpringboardVR and they need to be accepted to continue licensing the content. 


There will be a banner at the top of all your pages in the Operator Panel which will prompt you to agree to the EULAs within 14 days of the release. Normally you will be given a 7 day window to accept new content EULAs but for the initial release of our distribution system you will have 14 days from the release of the update to accept all EULAs. 


You will see a red notification in the left navigation bar in your Operator Panel with a number for every title that needs EULA approval. From the "My Library" page you will be able to see the titles you have which require EULA approval.


When you click into a title that has a pending EULA you will see a red notification dot next to the Content Details page. From this page you can review the EULA and accept or decline the terms set by the Content Creator. You can also click directly onto the orange Pending EULA Approval warning message on the content cards in "My Library" to review the EULA.

For instructions on how to accept EULAs for content in your Library, read this Knowledge Base article.  

If you do not accept the EULA within the 14 day window the title will be blocked from your stations and will not appear in the Launcher.

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