How do I activate or deactivate a license from the SpringboardVR Marketplace?


Activating A License

When you click the "Activate License" button on a title in the SpringboardVR "Marketplace" it automatically starts the license for the content and adds it to you "My Library" page. This is an immediate activation of the license and cannot be delayed to start on a different day.

If the content is a SpringboardVR's one-click title you will be able to use the toggles to begin deploying it to your stations. If the title utilizes Steam keys you can request keys and redeem them in your Steam accounts to download the title to the computers.


Deactivating A License

If you wish to deactivate a license for a SpringboardVR title you must click "Delete Content" in the upper right-hand corner of the title's page in "My Library". You will be prompted to ensure you want to delete the title from "My Library" and remove it from your stations. 

If the content is a SpringboardVR's one-click title the license will be immediately deactivated and it will be removed from your Library and uninstalled from your computers. If it utilizes Steam keys it will also be immediately deactivated and removed from "My Library" and unassigned from your stations but you will have to manually uninstall the content from the computer.

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