How can I check the download progress of a title?


*This article is applicable to both operators of VR Arcades and operators of VR labs & maker spaces at educational institutions.*

If you are downloading a SpringboardVR one-click title you can see the progress of the installation in the Operator Panel. Follow these steps to view the progress of the content installation. 


  1. Select the "Content" tab, then navigate to the "My Library" page.
  2. Choose the title you want to view the progress of.
  3. From the Station Management tab you will see toggles for all your stations. Below each toggle will be the status of the installation. There are a few different status options.
    • Not Installed: This status will appear if you have not clicked to install the title to your station.
    • Will Install After Saving: This status is for when you have toggled on a station but have not yet saved the page to begin the installation.
    • Install Pending: This means the installation has not yet started and that the system is waiting for a chance to install the selected title. It may be waiting on your station to go into idle mode or the computer might be turned off. 
    • While a station is in use it will not install so as not to interrupt your customers
    • Once the Desktop Client detects the station is Idle and not in use it will begin installing and you'll be able to track the status on the Contents page in "My Library".
    • Idle Headset means your station's VR headset has not been moved for ~5 minutes. Alternatively, you can stop SteamVR and it will be treated as idle right away.
    • Installing - %: This status shows the percentage of the installation. 
    • Uninstall: This status means the installation is complete.

NOTE: You cannot change the installation location of the files and you also cannot move files after they are installed. Installs will default to the drive with the most space on your PC and be placed in a folder titled "SpringboardVR Content".

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