Week of April 29th, 2019


Desktop Client

VERSION 4.0.16

Bug Fixes

  • Added automatic healing to CDS titles in case the local state got corrupted.
    • For affected stations this fixes some one-click install titles that were previously unable to launch. They will be automatically queued for healing once the next launch fails and from then on the title will be hidden from the UI until the station is idle and the title is done healing.
  • One-click install titles launch faster now, even on first launch.


VERSION 4.0.17

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed more instances of "Unknown content" showing in the My Library view.
  • Improved the missing space warning that shows in the My Library view to give better size information. E.g. 230489845 bytes will now read 230.49 MB.
  • If a one-click install title fails to launch because of corrupted data, a warning will now be listed in the My Library view. The title is removed from the UI until the station is idle and the data can be healed again.
  • Improved launch handling of one-click install titles.


Operator Panel


  • Made the age rating customizable again for all content (including one-click install titles), with a restriction: The value needs to be equal to or higher than the one set by the content creator.



Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the order of content in the Launcher's Station UI, specifically in the "Other" category.
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