Week of May 27th, 2019


Desktop Client


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash on startup in case SteamVR is not installed.
  • Fixed launch issues of specific content that resulted in the Launcher starting and thus taking over while content is launched successfully.
  • Improved login flow:
    • If you log in with a user account that is part of your organization but does not have the necessary permissions toggled on we will now tell you so. This resolves the station UI in VR being unable to load data after the station pairing process seems to be successful.
    • In case your organization has no stations to choose from that specific issue will be explained instead of showing a generic failure text.
  • Fixed the idle mode video reel showing as a black window on specific machines.
  • Improved caching behavior for videos.
    • Videos are now correctly saved locally after they are played for the first time. This applies to both the videos in the Launcher as well as the video reel.
  • After restarting once more after updating to this version, the updating behavior is improved:
    • The Windows Firewall will now only ask for confirmation once (on initial install or with this update) and from then on never again.
    • Tray icon settings will be preserved so you can now move the SpringboardVR icon down into the visible tray icon area and it will stay there.



Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with newly installed one-click content resulting in failed launches. After the next failed launch attempt the content will be marked as having corrupted data and will be hidden from the UI. The next time the station is idle the content will be healed and is then available in the UI again, ready to be launched.



Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in only the first video playing in the video reel.



Bug Fixes

  • This release resolves an issue with new installations: They were crashing on startup.
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