Week of July 1st, 2019


Desktop Client

VERSION 4.1.15


  • We improved how content launches are handled in the Launcher.
    • In case of (observable) launch errors the user in VR will be notified about them, instead of wondering why nothing is happening.
    • If content takes too long to start the user in VR can now back out of the detail view for that content. Doing so cancels the launch (if possible).
  • One-click titles now support launch arguments!
    • Make sure your stations are updated to this version (or later).
    • You can configure the launch arguments via the content settings on your Operator Panel.

Bug Fixes

  • Some content comes with two (or more) executables. One executable starts the other, and the latter is the one that actually renders to VR. This type of content, i.e. the one that starts child processes, is now recognized properly.
  • We added more log statements for us to understand when you followed some specific advice from our support team. This allows us to diagnose issues more easily.
  • Some existing log statements have been changed to also make troubleshooting easier.


Operator Panel


  • Launch arguments can be set for one-click titles now.
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