Week of July 8th, 2019


Desktop Client

VERSION 4.1.16

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that prevented installing Beat Saber as a one-click title.


VERSION 4.1.17

Bug Fixes

  • When updating a title on a station to be a one-click title, the station's background service had to be restarted for that to be noticed. This has been fixed! Once you hit Save on the My Library page for that content it will now be understood by your stations in real-time.



Bug Fixes

  • Remote functionality and real-time events are done over a specific connection that had issues reconnecting for some customers. This has been remedied.
  • When the connection to our servers or the general internet connection is down from the point of view of a station, ongoing communication is now handled better. It will no longer throw unexpected errors.
  • Fixed an issue that manifested in the video reel not showing up or having issues playing videos on stations that exhibit a specific timing behavior.
  • New or first installations seemed to hang and not continue the initialization after the initial login and station selection steps. The internal error that triggered this behavior is fixed now.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes resulted in a crash of the background service when the internet connection of the station or the routing to our servers is so unreliable that it drops and reconnects again in a short time frame.
  • Changed how one-click content is quit when another title (including the Launcher) is started via the overlay, the tray icon or the monitor's remote launch functionality. This change gets rid of an error and potential crash.
  • We're now handling audio device issues to ensure the background service doesn't crash. This only affects a small number of stations that reported having hardware issues when the audio slider in the overlay is used to change the volume of the default audio device on the station.
  • In the rare case of an operator starting the background service while it was already running there was the possibility of an exception crashing the newly launched instance. The specific timing that was needed to end up in such a situation is handled now and as such the intended behavior is restored even for that case: The new instance shuts down the previous instance and continues running itself afterwards.
  • Added additional logging to startup crashes that happens because third party software corrupted the desktop client installation.
  • The real-time data exchange connection to allow remote control functionality via the Monitor is now logging diagnostics data. This will help understanding specific scenarios in which a station has issues (re)connecting on this connection.
  • We reduced the amount of maintenance operations for one-click content that runs on your station to a minimum. Previously some operations were queued up multiple times, while a single one to be run later is sufficient.
  • Any unrecoverable exception is now logged in a way that we have more insight into these kind of issues.
    • Additionally an issue that prevented crash-related information to be sent to us automatically was fixed. We're now receiving logging statements about those issues, even in the case of the app crashing right afterwards.
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