What internet speeds do you recommend?

There is no straightforward answer to this question since it's not just the SpringboardVR app that requires internet. Other factors to consider include downloading content, updating content, and online multiplayer (for titles that support this).
  1. SpringboardVR app: A bare minimum of 1mbps/1mbps since the SpringboardVR app is simply a remote management tool. That said, a stable connection is required in order to use the remote management functionality which is why we recommend a wired connection and not WiFi. 
  2. Downloading content: A matter of preference depending on how quickly you want titles to download. On average these titles aren't bigger than 10GB.
  3. Downloading updates to titles you already have installed: Small in comparison, just remember that multiple stations may be downloading them at the same time. Again this is primarily a matter of how fast you want them to download. 
  4. Multiplayer or other connected functionality inside titles: You want a stable connection that isn't necessarily fast, but offers good pings. If your users will primarily play against one another it might not matter depending on the title in question - a lot of them always route over servers.
To conclude, get the fastest you can get for a reasonable price and most importantly we recommend a wired connection rather than relying on WiFi.
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