SUPERHOT VR: Arcade One Time Update Instructions


You asked and they listened! The SUPERHOT Team has released a new update to the smash-hit, SUPERHOT VR: Arcade.


Why Is This Happening?

Due to the nature of this update, if you have modified the configuration settings in your SUPERHOT folder, there will be some small manual changes that need to be made in order to retain the changes you have made. This is a one-time change that you will never need to do again in the future and we’ve worked hard with the SUPERHOT team to provide a seamless launch! 


What Do I Need To Do?

Follow the instructions below to ensure your configuration files are backed up before the update. If you need any additional assistance, please email us at and someone from our team would be happy to help!

  1. On each station click into the File Explorer and select "This PC" in the left navigation bar.
  2. Go into each drive (i.e. Windows C: drive, Data D: drive, etc.) and check for a SpringboardVR Content folder. 
  3. If there is a SpringboardVR Content folder in the selected drive, click into it. If the folder is not in the drive, check the next one.
  4. Once you are in the SpringboardVR Content folder look for a folder titled game-309. If there is one, click into the folder. If not, try the next drive.
  5. Click into the game folder and copy and paste the arcade.ini file onto your desktop.
  6. After the update is released you will need to open up your file explorer and type %appdata%\LocalLow\SUPERHOT_Team\SUPERHOT_VR into the large navigation bar. Once you are in the folder, copy and paste the arcade.ini file you have saved on your desktop into the folder. This will transfer your configurations to the updated version of SUPERHOT: Arcade. 


What Is Included In This Update?

Gameplay Updates:

  • No more broken controllers!
    • A new in-game play area boundary feature has been added specifically for the SUPERHOT VR: Arcade Edition.
    • Players will now be shown a clear warning when they are nearing the edge of the play area.
    • If players leave the play area, the game will fade to black and instruction to return to the play area will be shown.
    • Operators can choose to use the room-scale play area/boundary defined when setting up a headset or set their own custom-defined play area via the in-game Admin Panel.
  • Endless Mode returns!
    • The ever-popular Endless Mode makes its debut in SUPERHOT VR Arcade Edition.
    • Remixed from the original SUPERHOT VR, players can now battle Red Dudes forever throughout a series of randomly selected levels and cinematic situations.
    • Operators can customize the Endless Mode experience with a time limit or a set number of lives.
  • Full scoring and leaderboards are supported.


For help accessing these new features, click here for the SUPERHOT VR: Arcade manual!

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