MixCast VR Photobooth Setup Guide


What is MixCast VR Photobooth?

Video-based VR broadcast platform. It captures customers in a VR experience and creates personalized pictures and videos for the end user to share on social media.


Why Should I Consider MixCast?

It offers the revenue opportunities via sales of videos and pictures and increases awareness and promotion of your venue from social sharing.




  1. What Equipment is Required Prior to Setup?
  2. How to Get Started
  3. Frequently Asked Questions
  4. Best Practices



What Equipment is Required Prior to Setup? 

The Equipment Recommendations Guide provides a detailed set of suggested items and direct links.


How Do I Get Started?

  1. Review the required equipment list above.
  2. Sign up here.
    • MixCast will set up your account and send the links and product keys which will be used in Step 4. The MixCast team is working through a backlog of orders. The current processing timeframe from sign-up to you receiving your account information & product keys will be approximately 2 weeks.
  3. Install hardware.
    • Determine best space. Ideal 10’x10’. 8’x’8 area will also work.
    • Determine best location for your camera. For a single camera setup, we suggest either (1) the front corner, about 6’ high, pointed at the center of the space, angled slightly down, or (2) centered on the back wall, 5’ high, pointed at the center of the space, angled slightly down. Other locations will work fine as well.
    • Install your camera mounts & attach cameras.
    • Connect the USB extension cables from the cameras to your VR PC.
    • Use a large monitor facing outwards to show the experience live. This allows spectators to engage.
  4. Install software on VR PC in booth & activate license key
    • Download & run the MixCast installer: https://mixcast.me/mixcast-download.
    • Launch MixCast by selecting “Run MixCast” in your Start Menu.
    • Activate your license by clicking the MixCast System icon and select “Manage License” then choose “Activate Online” and enter your provided key.
    • Connect to your MixCast Cloud by clicking the Settings wheel and select “Open Preferences” then choose “Cloud” and then enter your provided Kiosk URL.
    • NOTE: YOU MUST CLOSE AND RESTART MixCast for the configuration to take effect.
  5. Set up Kiosk.
    • Open a browser and use the Kiosk URL MixCast provided. If using a touchscreen Kiosk, Firefox is recommended.
  6. Configure MixCast.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the cost?
    • You must purchase your hardware. View the recommended equipment here.
    • There are two pricing options:
      1. Arcade Operator Payment Model
        • Operators pays $2 USD / each media distributed for the first 100 each month, $1 USD / each media thereafter. A distribution is defined as any & all media distributed for one customer session to one email.
      2. Customer Payment Model
        • Operator receives ~30% of revenue from all customer purchases. Full details around this model can be found here at this link on slide 16
  2. How do I price the media sharing to my customers?
    • Default pricing on setup will be to offer 2 packages. These prices can be adjusted.
      • 3 pics for $5 USD
      • All pics & clips for $10 USD
  3. What headsets does MixCast support?
    • HTC Vive/Vive Pro
    • Oculus Rift
    • Dell Visor 
    • HP WMR Headset 
    • HP Reverb
    • Lenovo Explorer
    • Samsung HMD Odyssey 
    • Asus WMR Headset 
  4. How can I receive MixCast Support?
  5. How can I see what titles MixCast works with?
  6.  What is the sales process for the end user?
    • Customer plays the VR experience.
    • Go to set up kiosk (tablet, monitor, etc) to identify & review pics/videos.
    • From here, they choose a package to purchase and select the pics/videos.
    • Enter credit card & email.
    • Immediately sends customer an email with a link to their media where they can share on social media or download.
  7. How do I train my staff to support this?


Best Practices

  1. We strongly suggest you use SpringboardVR’s booking system or one of their booking integrations. This makes all the pictures/videos go into a folder for the specific reservation. Otherwise all the media will go in the same folder, making it more difficult to manage the video and image assets.
  2. Include your branding on the media (MixCast). View the documentation here.
  3. Print MixCast’s customizable posters for marketing in your arcade! View here.
  4. It is recommended to have one or more Touchscreen Kiosks set up.
  5. Start SteamVR first, then MixCast, and then SpringboardVR in that order for the best, most reliable result.  
  6. Bright lighting and a flat, mono-colour background will give the best, cleanest looking results.
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