Implementing MixCast in your Daily Operations


How MixCast Recommends Training Your Staff


Give the “Why”.

  • Marketing VR can be challenging.
  • Customers can have a great experience in VR, but without mementos, they can’t show others.
  • By suggesting that customers may want a Virtual Selfie as a memento, staff are planting the seed of future sharing and virality.
  • Increased awareness translates to increased sales.

Coach them on how to ask customers.

  • Ask customers when they arrive. If customers are interested, the staff can then put them into the right experiences and booth.
  • Utilize MixCast printed posters to inform the customer.
  • If you have a Kiosk, you can show the customer examples of prior Virtual Selfies and Videos.
  • Encourage your staff to have their own virtual selfies on their mobile devices to show as examples. 

Train staff on the setup process.

  • Print off a list of MixCast compatible games.
  • Make sure to Launch client into a compatible game on a station with the MixCast setup.
  • Make sure that MixCast is started before SpringboardVR
  • As soon as a VR application is started (SpringboardVR included) MixCast will begin recording automatically


How Does MixCast Work?


Launching MixCast:

When first installed, MixCast is set to start with Windows. If this is turned off or MixCast has been closed, type Run MixCast into the Windows Start menu. This displays the Status Window on the desktop   


Starting MixCast and the MixCast Status Window


Tracking a User's Session/Media:

Upon starting a VR application, a MixCast Capture UI will appear that allows an operator to take individual snapshots of everything in the scene, start and stop Auto Snapshots, start recording video, or stream video. No operator input is required to track which collection captured media will be assigned to. 


Launching the Experience/Game: 

When the user picks a game through the SpringboardVR Launcher, MixCast will detect what's running and decide if it's a compatible title or not (using a reference database we maintain as well as a couple user settings). If compatible, MixCast will launch the Capture window to handle the capture and display of the combined output. No operator input is required to control MixCast's activation.


Taking Pictures/Video:

When configured with an Arcade license, MixCast is set to automatically capture photos & videos while active with a compatible title at fixed intervals. The default duration of a video is 15 and can be manually increased. Capturing photos and videos can also be manually triggered by the operator on the desktop via the MixCast Capture UI at the top of the screen, otherwise media will be generated without operator input.


The MixCast Capture UI


Selecting/Delivering Media:

The user's email is not attached until after they leave the session and use the Kiosk interface, which can be accessed in the following ways:

  1. At the booth, during or after their session but before another session begins:
    • Using their phone, scanning the QR code which is displayed on the desktop during the session. If their phone doesn't already have a QR code scanner they can navigate to
    • Clicking on the QR code on the desktop and selecting “View Media Page”.
  2. Using the arcade's Kiosk terminal, which is a device (generally touch-screen) which has a browser open to
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