How do I sign up for Checkfront?


How do I sign up?

  1. Contact Checkfront at
  2. Configure the dashboard with Checkfront and go through training.
  3. Submit your configuration code to in an email titled “Checkfront Integration” and our team will connect your SpringboardVR account to Checkfront. Please give our team 72 hours to complete this. 


What is the setup process? 

The on-boarding process can differ depending on the complexity of inventory, number of locations/headsets/rooms and use of waivers. Some customers may want to engage via phone while others prefer email or online chat. Checkfront offers coaching calls that can be scheduled with Sam. Configurations vary from a few hours of effort to 20 hours.


Best Practices:

1 Way Sync Work Around: To prevent same day bookings, do not allow online reservations for the day of. People can still call in to schedule a time. This will allow you to use the walk in feature without any conflicts. 


How do I contact Checkfront with questions?

If you have questions reach out to Checkfront at


Where can I learn more?

Check out the Checkfront Knowledge Base with video tutorials at or reach out to them using their live chat via the Checkfront website www.checkfront.comYou can also email John at to book a personalized demo.

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