Booking Integrations: What features do Checkfront & FareHarbor offer?


Finding the right booking software can be complicated and we believe your tools should work for you, not against you. We are partnering with the best & most requested booking systems available, and are excited for the integrations with Checkfront and FareHarbor! We are implementing these two new booking integrations because we wanted to provide Operators flexibility in choice. Both Checkfront and FareHarbor offer different features and a different user experience for a vast array of Operator preferences.

Below are some of the most requested features from our Operators that these Platforms offer. Watch the Open Huddle recordings or schedule demos with each platform to figure out which one is the best fit for you!


  • Booking for Multiple Experiences
  • Variable & Dynamic Pricing
  • Custom Hours of Operations
  • Customizable Booking Form
  • Integrated Booking Widget for your Website
  • Customized Automated Reminders & Follow Ups (email & SMS)
  • Flexibility in Coupons/Discounts
    • BOGO
    • # of People
    • Discount based on day and time
    • Allow Discount to cover multiple Experiences
    • Select what days of the week a discount is valid
    • One Time Use Coupons
    • Groupon and bulk discount code options
  • Stripe, Square and Paypal Integration (Fareharbor not yet available, coming soon!)
  • Built-in Digital Waiver System
  • Facebook Pixel/Ad Words Integration
  • Google Analytics



Schedule a personalized demo: 

Questions? Contact Checkfront here:

Watch the SpringboardVR Open Huddle Demo here.

Pricing: Checkfront offers different levels. They recently added a free tier with a convenience fee to the end user.



Schedule a personalized demo:

Questions? Contact FareHarbor here:

Watch the SpringboardVR Open Huddle Demo here.

Pricing: 6% convenience fee to the end user for online bookings only.

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