How do I sign up for FareHarbor?


How do I sign up?

  1. Contact FareHarbor via their landing page here.
  2. Configure the dashboard with FareHarbor and go through training.
  3. Follow the instructions at Setting Up Your FareHarbor Integration


How long will it take to get setup?

Building out the dashboard with FareHarbor takes less than 24 hours. It will depend on the Operators availability to go through a 30-60 minutes training session. Once the dashboard is setup, you will need to follow the instructions at Setting Up Your Fareharbor Integration.


Best Practices:

1 Way Sync Work Around: To prevent same day bookings, do not allow online reservations for the day of. People can still call in to schedule a time. This will allow you to use the walk in feature without any conflicts.


How do I contact FareHarbor with questions?

If you need additional assistance you can reach out to FareHarbor at

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