When do I pay for my Subscription and Commercial Licensing invoices?


On the 1st of each month you get two invoices, Subscription and Commercial Licensing. 

Subscription invoices cover the upcoming month. So for example on September 1st you get an invoice for $120, that will cover the cost of your 4 stations ($30/station) for the month of September. Your subscription invoice may also include additional costs if there is an Outstanding Balance on your account. You can read more about what the Outstanding Balance is here.

Commercial Licensing invoices cover the previous month's usage for PPM licenses, because we charge based on the tracked time for the month, as well as any recurring monthly licenses for the upcoming month. So for example on September 1st you get an invoice for $342.50, it could include the renewed monthly licenses for September as well as the PPM cost for August usage. Come October 1st you will get another Commercial Licensing invoice for the tracked minutes in September and so on each month. 

Newly purchased monthly and yearly licenses will not appear on your Commercial Licensing invoice because they are immediately charged for when purchased. They will have their own invoice labeled License Order for {Title Name} in your Invoice History.

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