How do I switch to the Advertising Beta Launcher Environment?


As a VR Operator, we know that you are always looking for creative ways to reduce your monthly expenses and overall costs. We are now offering a Public Advertising Beta to determine how much we can reduce monthly costs for those who choose to use the ad supported launcher environment. This Public Beta includes a new launcher environment designed with non-interactive, digital advertisements. The goal is to reduce opted-in Operators' monthly expenses.

Currently, our ad partner only offers this service in Canada and the United States, but we are working to change that and provide it to everyone!

For more information about the Public Beta terms and requirements click here.

If you decide you would like to participate, follow the instructions below to change to the Skyline environment.


  1. In your Operator Panel, click on your location in the left panel then navigate to the “Experiences” tab.
  2. Choose the Experience you would like to set the environment for.
  3. In the Launcher Settings tab, look for the Background Environment and Ads section and choose the Skyline Launcher Environment.
    • Advertising from our ad partners is currently only available for the Skyline environment for US & Canada locations.
  4. After you select the Skyline Environment turn on the Display Advertising toggle.
  5. Finally make sure to click "Save" so your changes will take.
  6. Once you have saved your settings the Environment will change in the Launcher automatically!


Here is a look at the placements of Advertisements in the Skyline Environment.*


*These are placeholder images and may not represent the exact ads you will see in the environment. 

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