Understanding your Recurring Monthly Invoice breakdown.


With multiple licensing options for content it can be difficult to understand what licenses you have and what they cost. The Recurring Monthly Invoice table breaks down the licenses you have for a title and gives you an overview of your upcoming charges. 


What information is available in the Recurring Monthly Invoice table?

The Usage Summary provides a breakdown of information for PPM licenses for the current month such as the price, number of minutes used, and total owed so far for the title.

The Monthly Charges is for monthly licenses which are set to renew in the upcoming billing cycle. Here you can see the number of licenses set to renew along with their cost and the total that will be charged for them.


What information is not available in the Recurring Monthly Invoice table?

Newly Purchased licenses: Since you are billed immediately when you buy brand new monthly or yearly licenses they will not appear in the Recurring Monthly Invoice table. You can view the invoices for your purchases from the Invoice History tab found on the Billing page.

Yearly Licenses: Because yearly licenses only renew once a year they will not appear on the Recurring Monthly License table. 

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