Week of December 16th, 2019


Desktop Client

VERSION 4.3.20


  • Added support for SteamVR 1.9.7 and later to support a breaking change in the way dashboard overlays are positioned.

Bug Fixes

  • Added a tray icon to allow clearing the cache and restart automatically. While we're continuing with behind-the-scenes changes to eliminate specific stations needing this in edge case scenarios, we would like you to reach out to us to understand and resolve these issues. Our support team is available at support@springboardvr.com.
  • Some station settings were not applied in real-time and instead forced you to restart the desktop client on your station. This has been resolved now to ensure you can indeed do this remotely.
    • If the launcher is disabled via the station settings while it's running it will be closed down remotely.
  • Fixed a case of the tray icon listing the wrong launcher environment name.
  • Fixed the status/call for help overlay's rotation in VR. It's now no longer at an almost unnoticeable rotation and instead is facing the user in a straight line.


Operator Panel

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the marketplace sorting for oldest/newest being the wrong way round.
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