What to expect the first month of the Ad Beta.


The following document outlines the process of what you can expect to see in the weeks following the launch of our Ad Beta.


Week 1

As soon as we went live, our traffic immediately started forwarding to our ad network partners. While some of them will start buying immediately, most networks will need to whitelist our app bundle before they buy. Whitelisting includes a fraud test that checks the provenance of your traffic and how organic it is, and can take up to a few days.

So if you don't see ads yet, sit tight, they will populate soon!

Week 2

Following successful whitelisting, our exchange partners will start buying our traffic slowly to understand its performance. Here are the factors that come in consideration:

Consistent Supply - Better to have consistent traffic through the week rather than bursts that make it look inorganic.*

Organic Traffic - The more organic our traffic the better, as opposed to incentivized or bought traffic

Engaged Audience - The longer your users stay in your app, the more often they come back, the higher quality traffic and the better rates we will get.**

Basically, the more consistent and increased volume, the more advertisers will like it and ramp up their budget. Which is why we are needing everyone's help!

*Weekends will almost always have higher impressions for VR Arcades. It will be interesting to see if the consistently higher weekend volumes will affect performance.

**We have a short time in app, but a very frequent return rate versus a regular game. Will be interesting to see how that performs for us.

Weeks 3-4

If our inventory performs well according to the points above, we can expect the more consistent ad fill rates to keep increasing until reaching a certain level of maturity in week 3 or 4.



Week 1 - App goes live, gets whitelisted, first signs of ad fill.

Week 2 - Advertisers start to increase budgets.

Week 3 - Further increased budgets. After the peak ad fill rates (expected over a week end), the ad fill rates stabilize higher than the week before.

Week 4 - Ad fill rates stable and increases, the highs get higher and lows get higher as well: path to becoming successful!


After Month 1

Months 2 - 3 - Amount of ads served should continue to increase and we should start to get a better idea of what discount we could be able to offer after the beta is over.

Month 4 - 6 - Amount of Ads served should now be normalized and we should be able to get consistent data based on the traffic at your arcade, and determine what discount we can continue to offer once the beta closes.

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