How to add KATVR content to SpringboardVR


Adding KATVR Titles to SpringboardVR

KATVR’s Original titles are compatible with SpringboardVR via our Manually Added Content feature. To add a KATVR title manually, download a title from their platform and then perform the following steps.


  1. Go to "My Library" in the Operator Panel and click "Add Content Manually".
  2. From here you can either search our database for a preset for title, or add it manually.
    • NOTE: You must confirm where you have an existing license from in order to add content to your Library.
  3. If you find the preset for the title in the database:
    • Click "Add" and select where you are licensing the title from.
    • Next, click "Add Content" to be taken to the titles' Content Details page in your Library.
    • The description, images, difficulty level, and more will be filled out automatically for titles with presets.
      • You may edit most of the fields on this page.
    • Click "Save" to add the title to your Library.
  4. If you do not find a preset for the title:
    • Click "Create Custom Entry".
    • Select where you are licensing the title from and click "Add Content".
    • Fill out all the information for the title and click "Save" to add it to your Library.
      • For manually added titles you can upload your own videos and images.
      • Make sure you enter in the launch settings for the title as well.

For full setup instructions view the KATVR Setup Instructions

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