Using Ubisoft Escape Room titles with SpringboardVR


Integrating the Ubisoft Sphinx Loader into SpringboardVR

UPDATED: August 16, 2022


  • Right click on the SpringboardVR icon in the system tray by the Windows clock and click Quit
  • Follow the instructions that Ubisoft provided to install the Operator onto a separate PC and then the Client Loader onto each of the PCs
  • Make sure you do NOT turn on the "Start with Windows" option on the Client PCs Sphinx Loader
    •  *Note Please check the installation folder, this location must be the same for each PC. 
    • Close all Sphinx Loaders on all clients after first install.
  • Go to your SpringboardVR Operator Panel
    • Click Content
    • Click My Library 
    • Select "Add Content Manually
    • Click "Create a Custom Content Entry" 
    • Select "Directly from the Content Creator / Studio" from the drop down menu 
    • Select "Add Content" 
    • Use the following values:
      • Content Title: Sphinx Loader
      • Content Image:


  • Age Rating: Select “None” from the drop down menu
  • Difficulty: Select “Easy” from the drop down menu
  • Launch Method: Select “Path” from the drop down menu
  • In the Path field Insert the install location you noted above
  • Select "Create Entry"
  • Locate the title in your Library, and click “Edit
  • Turn on the toggle for all required Stations at your location then select "Save"
  • Go back into the title in your library using the edit button then turn off the toggles for all stations.


You will now be able to remotely launch the Sphinx Loader from your Monitor Panel.

PLEASE NOTE Sphinx Loader won't be visible for your customers to select in the Launcher.


Launching Ubisoft Games

  • Ensure that the Ubisoft Escape Rooms Operator is running, all customers are in the headset and ready 
  • Use the SpringboardVR Monitor to remotely launch the Sphinx Loader on the stations required. 
    • Your customers will now be in a blank launcher environment until you have set up and launched through the Ubisoft Escape Room Operator program. 
    • Please ensure you press the start button in the Operator program within 3 minutes of remote launching the Sphinx Loader from the monitor.

Your customers will now be in the Ubisoft Escape Room and you can control as normal through the Ubisoft Escape Room Operator program.

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