Week of December 23rd, 2019


Desktop Client

VERSION 4.3.22

Bug Fixes

  • This release fixes an issue that resulted in your stations asking you to log in to pair the desktop client every now and then. You might be asked one final time to login after your station installs this update. If you continue having this (or any other) issue once your station is on this version of the desktop client, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via support@springboardvr.com
  • When the station has connection issues to our servers, we now retry the requests to the servers in more cases. This means your station is more resilient to getting out of date with changes you do on the operator panel or station monitor.
  • Resolved issues that sometimes prevented the station UI from firing up.
    • An issue that led to a bigger number of stations having this issue was due to the communication between the background service and the launcher failing. This has been fixed.
    • A fix for the issue happening right at the startup of the desktop client, as well as multiple others during the lifetime of it has been added.
  • Multiple issues that resulted in no noticeable problems, but a number of error logging statements, have been fixed.
  • We've added additional logging statements for the station UI feature to allow us to diagnose issues more easily.
  • Some stations have corrupted parts of their desktop client installation. Some of those corruptions we can recognize and now do show an error message for, giving you steps to resolve the issue. We've seen these affect users of unsupported anti-virus software, which deleted files out of our software's installation folder during or right after the initial install or an update to it.
  • To be more resilient against potential issues with SteamVR's overlay functionality we've added some better handling of potential rare errors returned by it.
  • Added some better handling for the shutdown sequence of the desktop client. The shutdown should now be more graceful in the affected cases.
  • We've observed a growing number of stations running the desktop client multiple times at the same time. This results in a lot of functionality outright failing. While we already handled attempts to do so by quitting the previous instance of the app on startup of the next instance, we now additionally attempt to quit previously started instances during runtime, too. Nonetheless please quit SpringboardVR via its tray icon before attempting to run another instance of it.
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