Why is my Subscription invoice higher than normal?


Why is my invoice so high?

If you notice your Subscription invoice is higher than the usual monthly station rate it's likely due to adjustments made to your station count during the month.

To view your invoices, select the "Invoice History" tab from the "Billing" page in your account.


Subscription invoices cover the upcoming month. On the first of each month you are invoiced for that month's subscription. If you add additional stations during the month a prorated amount is added to the next month's invoice to cover the cost of those stations from when they were added through the end of the billing cycle.



On October 1st a Subscription invoice consisting of 1 station at the $30/station rate comes to a total of $30.


If after that invoice was paid 2 new stations were added there would be an Outstanding Balance owed for the account. Since those stations were added after the October invoice had already been paid their cost is added to the next invoice, in this case the November 1st Subscription invoice.

This means the November 1st invoice would include the normal station rate for all stations in the account, $30/station for 3 stations totaling $90PLUS the prorated amount owed for the 2 stations that were added during October, in this example $36.45.



What does proration look like on my invoice?

Subscription invoices are generated by Stripe, our payment processor. When your station count is adjusted the proration adjustments appear as line items on invoice. There are two line items per station that has been added.

Pictured below is an example of what your invoice will look like when you add stations during the month. Highlighted in the red box are the proration adjustments that were made for the stations added in October. 


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