Week of March 9th, 2020


Desktop Client

VERSION 4.3.31

Bug Fixes

  • Added a workaround for the new SteamVR behavior on startup. Your users should no longer be greeted by the dashboard/overlays in VR right after SteamVR starts up.
    • When you start SteamVR at your station you will be greeted by a new small window. This is to inform you that the Desktop Client is still waiting for SteamVR to be done with its initialization. Until finished, the SpringboardVR overlay/dashboard, the Launcher, and content launches won't work. The window will close automatically once everything continues.
    • This issue triggers a bug in the SteamVR integration for any content created with the Unity game engine, which includes the SpringboardVR Launcher: After pressing the system button the controllers wouldn't render in the content and the content would also not receive any input from the controllers. Affected users had been forced to ask for the content to be restarted manually to resolve the issue. As this workaround should remove this issue, please let us know if you encounter any such issue after your stations update to this version by contacting us at support@springboardvr.com.
  • Potentially fixed an issue that resulted in white UI panels in the Launcher: In rare cases, SteamVR reports that no GPU device is used to render VR images on. Thanks to the feedback of affected customers we now believe this is due to SteamVR not being initialized completely yet. We've added a workaround (as part of the one above) and are looking into adding additional handling for this in the future.


Client Reservations

Bug Fixes

  • Coupons set to require a single station work correctly again now. Previously it showed an error when attempting to book with it, stating a minimum of one was required.
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