Setting Up Your FareHarbor Integration


After you've followed our guide on Signing Up for FareHarbor you're ready to connect your SpringboardVR account with your FareHarbor account!

The settings for Fareharbor are managed on a per Location basis inside of SpringboardVR. To update these settings go to your Locations page and edit your Location.

Once you're editing your Location  enable the FareHarbor integration and fill in the following information

1) Your FareHarbor Key - To get this you need to contact and ask to have the SpringboardVR integration enabled for your account and ask for the FareHarbor Key

2) The Shortname for your Fareharbor instance - (I.E. would be springboardvr)

3) Enter the Fareharbor Item IDs for each of your Experiences (I.E. Standard Experience in SpringboardVR is Item IDs 123, 245, and 657 in Fareharbor)

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