Blaston Multiplayer Setup


Setting up Blaston for Arcades: Operator Instructions
Accessing Operator Settings Menu
To access the secret operator settings menu, hover over the version number at the bottom left
corner of the menu panel and press the trigger button 10 times quickly.


This will display the Operator Settings menu, which allows arcade operators to clear the
leaderboard, configure controller offsets, as well as set up voice chat between different arcade
machines in the same arcade hall.


Setting Up Multiplayer Functionality & Voice Chat

In order to link different arcade machines together, you first need to set a VOIP code within the
operator settings menu.
Each arcade machine must have the same VOIP code in order to be able to connect to each
other. Arcade operators are limited to a code that is a maximum of 20 characters long, and must
use alphanumeric characters. The VOIP code cannot be empty.
Any arcade machine that uses the same VOIP code will be able to connect for multiplayer
matches, along with use voice chat to speak with each other. It is suggested that a unique code
is used to avoid clashes with other arcade locations.
Note that a maximum of 8 arcade machines can be connected together at the same time to use
voice chat.
A code can be entered using the keyboard provided within VR, as shown below.
This setup only needs to be done once, and the new VOIP will be saved for future use until it is
changed again.
You can always see which VOIP code is currently being used, as shown below.

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