Week of May 2nd, 2022


Desktop Client

VERSION 4.3.45


Fixes for the new version include:
  • Improved draw distance in order to see more of the level. Previously it was extremely low, especially in the Rooftop launcher.
  • Improved performance in combination with the new Unity and SteamVR versions, mainly in the Skyline launcher. A lot of objects were disabled in the scene that couldn't be viewed by the user in the level and were causing slow downs. Removed some transparent objects, and various other small improvements to help get performance closer to target.
  • The post-processing was disabled in Rooftop, which removed the color grading (making everything look more blue); this has been re-enabled now
  • The launcher application would appear as "Not Responding" in Task Manager (it also displayed the Windows "spinning circle" when this occurred). This has now been fixed with a slight upgrade on Unity's XR plugin.
  • When the launcher would appear as "Not Responding", clicking on the application could cause it to crash. This has been fixed following the Unity XR plugin upgrade.
  • The branding billboards in Wasteland and Rooftop had been disabled in a previous release; they have now been re-enabled
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